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The Lost World: Jurassic Park is a American science fiction adventure film and the second installment in the Jurassic Park film series. A sequel to 's.
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Search Start Search. Choose your country or region Close. The Lost World is not a very good book.

In His Own Words

The story is a slog to start and the characters are very weak. So weak that if any of them had actually been eaten by the constantly hungry dinosaurs I would've been like: shrug. As the story progressed and I waited impatiently to find out: would they actually solve the mystery of the missing Dr Levine and go to the island of dinosaurs--as if there was a chance of that not happening--I was introduced to a series of these weak characters and it then became The Lost World is not a very good book.

As the story progressed and I waited impatiently to find out: would they actually solve the mystery of the missing Dr Levine and go to the island of dinosaurs--as if there was a chance of that not happening--I was introduced to a series of these weak characters and it then became a struggle to decide who I wanted to be eaten first. Initially I really wanted one or both of the two genius kids to get chomped. Their place in the book was so formulaic, so PC, and so contrived that it marred the over-all story.

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They were there simply to add some emotion to a flat read. It didn't work since you just knew neither of them would die.

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The next on my list of those characters who I wished would just get torn to shreds was Richard Levine, who was a know-it-all bore. It would've been good for him to have been killed very early in the book maybe chapter 4? Whenever Levine opened his mouth he would go on and on, until I found myself skimming.

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Third on my hit-list was Sarah Harding Though I would have liked to see Sarah become Dino-kibble it wasn't going to happen. She was a female Tarzan and it was a wonder she didn't kill a T-Rex with a spear. I get tired of the PC world Though to be fair the dinosaurs weren't at all scary. In one scene Dr Levine is stalking a T-rex on a bicycle, completely unafraid, which had me wondering: why did they come to rescue him? Ironically, the only person that I really wanted to live was a character who had died in the first book.

For some reason the author resurrects Ian Malcolm. If you remember, Malcolm hated dinosaurs, yet for some reason he tags along on expedition to a dinosaur infested island to find Levine, a man he really doesn't like. It's completely out of character for him and makes no sense. In fact in the first few chapters he's completely against the idea and then pop!

He changes his mind with no real reason given.

So all the characters suck and this is because they aren't in-depth people with strong desires and motivations, instead they are talking props. They all seemed to sit about either spewing sciencey knowledge or receiving sciencey knowledge; this they take turns at doing. And everyone is a genius, or so we are told. Judging by their actions however, they are a bunch of morons who deserve to be eaten. So much for the characters, how about the story itself? Dinosaurs are scary. Run everyone. Bad guys die. Good guys live.

It was a cheap imitation of a good book: Jurassic Park. I wouldn't bother with this sequel. View all 5 comments. I never watched the movies growing up, so I watched the first movie after reading the first book and now that i've finally read The Lost World I can continue with the movies!

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I really enjoy the writing in these novels. I find it easy to read and get 4.

The Lost World

I find it easy to read and get lost in, even when the science is thrown in. I find the plots to be pretty believable as much as bringing dinosaurs back to life can be and it to have a nice steady pace that slowly rackets up the tension. I loved Arby, the genius black boy, and Kelly 13 I think? Sarah Harding!

Definitely my favorite characters! I really enjoyed these particular passages too.. He said, "you're very strong. Sarah shot her a look. Don't you take it away from yourself. It had moments of tension, moments of hilarious like high on morphine Ian , and moments of hell yes! And the deaths were awesome! Feb 20, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: pop-sugar , aty-inbooks , sci-fi , sci-fi-horror.

This might turn out to be one of my favorite books of all time. I feel like there was so much to love. Okay so I like animatronic dinosaurs too, but still- there was no need. The plot is this: Dr. Levine suspects something This might turn out to be one of my favorite books of all time. Levine suspects something happened that involved Dr. Ian Malcolm in Costa Rica six years ago. Of course, Malcolm denies it because NDAs and all that.

Dinosaur chaos ensues. Meanwhile, those bad guys over at Biosyn still want all the Dino tech for themselves, so they are in the distant background doing bad stuff. Crichton makes it very accessible to the reader in a way that is thought provoking but also not difficult to understand. Sarah Harding. I want to be Sarah Harding when I grow up.

Before Jurassic Park There Was Doyle's 'The Lost World'

She is an example of a female heroine done right. She knows what she wants and she goes and gets it. She is not a damsel in distress, and at NO point in this novel does she require rescuing from the men.

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  • In fact, they quite frequently needed rescuing from her. And that scene with Dodgson? Absolutely priceless. Her relationship with Kelly was perfect and I adored her for it. Kelly becomes a little Sarah Harding in her own right. Were there as many dinosaurs in this as in Jurassic Park?